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Multinational technical corporation SONY reached out to MUSE to cast for an upcoming holiday campaign surrounding the new release of the New ZV-1F camera and aimed to gauge interest of our beauty, style and fashion Coco Chinelo to create a campaign style “spend the day with me” video using this new updated version of the traditional vlogging camera. The ZV line of cameras was built to meet the demands of todays content creators, and the newest ZV-1F is a compact, lightweight camera for entry level and first time bloggers with a wide angle of view and vlog features with an easy to use smartphone-like interface!

Coco Created an effortless reel showcasing the specific camera details that separates this new signature SONY from your everyday average digital camera. Showcasing the high quality, unique auto-focus and extra storage perfect for every content creators needs.

This content received a massive amount of engagement, with over 20,000 of Coco’s followers interacting with the post and SONY reposting this content to their social platforms!