Aliya Guapacita & Emily Shak x Nike x ASOS!

Okay, so you may want to be sitting down for this one…


Aliya Guapacita & Emily Shak x Nike x ASOS!


When the world’s largest athletic apparel company teamed up with the world famous global fashion retailer, they looked to MUSE for the faces to represent this show stopping collaboration.

The assignment: Create content for ASOS’s instagram page to celebrate both diversity and the Nike Swoosh launch. This brand new collection consists of everything from every day staples to bold statement pieces, the women for this job would have to be strong and confident in demonstrating their personal styles.

Our answer: Aliya Guapacita and Emily Shak…obviously.


The campaign shoot produced some truly breathtaking and aesthetically charming images and Aliya’s reel received hundreds of thousands of views! The engagement of the whole worldwide collaboration was cosmic and we couldn’t be prouder of our Muses.


As you can see from the content…the assignment was understood.