Another fantastic collaboration for our MUSE creators. Our talented content creator and model, Chantal, has teamed up with YSL Beauty to showcase to her followers a glamorous lipgloss campaign like no other!

Chantal’s creativity and style have always captivated us, and now she’s taking her artistry by partnering up with YSL and inhibiting in a sneak preview of her YSL beauty must have: the ultimate YSL gloss. Get ready to be wowed by her beauty expertise and passion for self-expression.

As we all know, YSL Beauty is synonymous with luxury and innovation in the beauty world. Their lipglosses not only known for enhancing natural beauty but also make a bold fashion statement. Chantal’s collaboration with YSL Beauty is a match made in beauty heaven!

This collaboration was a huge success for our girl Chantal, with it gaging her followers whilst driving traffic to the newest YSL gloss range!

Join us in celebrating this incredible collaboration and be sure to follow Chantal’s journey with YSL Beauty on her social media channels. This is a partnership you won’t want to miss!