We are delighted to announce a dynamic and innovative partnership that has been forged between our US based MUSE Cici, and the car specialist Lexus USA. Together, they are set to create waves in the world of transportation with the promotion of Lexus USA’s newest marvel, the Lexis Ride.

Cici, known for her creativity, style, and flair, is the perfect ambassador for Lexus USA’s newest range of transport and her influence and reach on social media make her the ideal choice to introduce the Lexus Ride to a broader audience, showcasing its unparalleled features and how it can significantly enhance the lives of individuals and families across the nation.

Cici took her followers on a captivating journey, providing exclusive insights into the Lexis Ride experience. From its sleek design and advanced technology to its eco-friendly features and remarkable performance, Cici shared all, demonstrating how this innovation is poised to revolutionize the way we think about transportation.

Stay connected with Cici’s social platforms to witness firsthand the future of mobility as she collaborates with Lexus USA. Together, unveiling a new era in transportation, merging style, convenience, and sustainability. Join us in celebrating this exciting partnership, and follow along with #LexisRideWithCici as we embark on this thrilling journey together.