Our American TikTok sensation Fiorella was hand selected by no other than world class cereal brand Reeces Puffs on their new “More Yes” campaign. Fiorella was briefed to use her unique style, creative flair and TikTok influence to create a ‘Reece Puffs’ styling video inspired outfit using primarily brown and orange as a subtle ‘nod’ to the brands colours.

Reeces emphasised their intentions to give something more fun to her loyal TikTok follower using their brand platform to create “more yes” as they look to inspire everyone to say “yes” to the most extra option on life table; which would be presented by the bold contrasting colours Fiorella utilised in her deliverables.

Fiorella created a seamless TikTok, styling up three outfits in classic Fiorella style. This piece of content gained a massive amount of engagement to both Fiorellas TikTok and the Reece Puffs campaign, creating revenue for both parties.

Check out the content below!