MUSE are thrilled to announce that our enchanting creator, Genie has embarked on an exciting collaboration with global luxury brand Armani Beauty. Our girl Genie shared a world of timeless beauty and captivating charm as she showcased her daily routine, unveiling the secrets behind her radiant and youthful appearance.

From her flawless base to iconic eyeliner and perfected lash combination Genie looked every bit radiant and effortless throughout undoubtedly driving her followers to try out the newest iconic Armani beauty range that’s taking the world by storm!

Stay tuned as Genie unveils the power of Armani Beauty products in enhancing her natural beauty. From luxurious skincare to makeup essentials that help her maintain her otherworldly charm, all while staying true to herself.

Get ready to explore her world of elegance and allure with Armani Beauty, and let the magic of beauty unfold before your eyes.