Another fantastic collaboration for our MUSE creators. Our UK based beauty and lifestyle icon, Grace Murphy has teamed up with the world known unisex lingerie brand Calvin Klein to bring her followers the ultimate get ready with me in true Grace fashion!

Grace’s unique and elevated style has captivated hearts across her social media, and now, she’s taking it to the next level through high quality videography and her new unique perspective of how she styles up Calvin Klein’s exquisite ladies underwear and perfume range.

In this groundbreaking collaboration, Grace has not only beautifully showcased Calvin Klein’s products but also created a mesmerising TikTok video that embodies her signature aesthetic.

Graces followers prepared to be engaged as she unveils the allure of Calvin Klein’s latest offerings. From exquisite fragrances to lingerie that exudes confidence and elegance, Grace brings her inimitable style into every frame.

Join us in celebrating this extraordinary collaboration as we dive into a world where fashion, fragrance, and creativity unite!