With the “clean girl” aesthetic trending and skincare becoming more of an essential to every girls daily routine when Elemis reached out to MUSE eager to collaborate with our various beauty ambassadors our girls where ecstatic to be getting involved! After delving through our diverse roster of talent Elemis selected our UK based creator Kim Mann as the perfect Elemis partner!

With Kim’s genuine passion for skincare and her authentic connection with her audience, this partnership was guaranteed to not only elevate the visibility of Elemis’ newest products but also provide valuable insights and recommendations to her dedicated followers.

From the classic cleansing balm, resurfacing removal pads and ultimate superfood priming moisturiser Kim shared her step by step routine and the benefits of each step!

This collaboration was a huge success for both Kim and Elemis alike! Stay tuned for a journey of beauty and self-care as Kim Mann and Elemis join forces to inspire and empower individuals to achieve their skincare goals.