MUSE is thrilled to announce the incredible collaboration between our very own MUSE creator and model, Lily Rowland, and the renowned fashion brand NAKD Fashion! Together, they are shaping the fashion scene with our MUSE inspiring thousands of ther loyal followers the power of dressing and how you can embrace yourself through style!

Lily Rowland, known for her impeccable style and unique aesthetic, has joined forces with NAKD to create a captivating summer collection that embodies elevated elegance, vibrancy, with a touch of old money aesthetic. As a fashion visionary, Lily brings her innate sense of creativity and passion for self-expression to every piece in this collaboration.

NAKD Fashion’s commitment to sustainability aligns perfectly with Lily’s values, making this collaboration even more special. In this exciting partnership, Lily has styled up four extraordinary outfits, each channeling a different elevated look. From the sophisticated allure of old money to trend-driven ensembles that set new fashion standards, and from elevated elegance to Lily’s signature classic street style, this collection caters to a wide range of tastes and preferences.

Lily Rowland and Nakd Fashion have successfully brought together their unique perspectives to create a collection that celebrates diversity, inclusivity, and the beauty of self-expression.

MUSE invite you all to join us in celebrating and embracing summer a touch of Lily Rowland’s magic and Nakd Fashion’s innovation. Get ready to make a statement and set new trends with this extraordinary collaboration!