MUSE is delighted to unveil another exciting collaboration between our luminous MUSE girl, Lizzi, with prestigious brand DIOR at New York Fashion Week. Set against the enchanting backdrop of the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, this soirée celebrates the launch of DIOR’s iconic fragrance J’adore, reimagined through the visionary lens of artist Jean-Michel Othoniel.

Othoniel’s work has long been celebrated for its ability to blur the lines between art, nature, and human emotion. He has masterfully woven his artistic essence into the fragrance, promising an immersive experience that transcends the ordinary.

Lizzi, the embodiment of elegance and modern sophistication, will be illuminating the evening with her magnetic presence. Her ensemble, a seamless blend of classic silhouettes and contemporary flair, perfectly mirrors the fusion of fashion, art, and nature.

This event showcases the boundless potential that arises when fashion and art come together, with Lizzi as a testament for when beauty, creativity, and luxury converge in a symphony of style. Lizzi’s attire for the evening encapsulates her impeccable taste and complements the artistic brilliance of Othoniel’s creation.