Recognising a gap in the market for the worldwide obsession with filters on social media, MUSE Technology created a unique product, unrivaled by our competitors for 2019.

By generating innovative tools for brands to build their reach, MUSE created branded filters with bespoke designs for Instagram, which in turn created huge brand awareness and higher traffic for our clients.

The industry-first was seized by Luxe To Kill, whose bespoke filter claimed over 10m views in the first week, 50m in the first three months and now sits with over 130m and counting. As of Jan 2020, the filter had over 340k uses.

We strive to challenge our in-house skills and flex our processes regularly to drive us forwards, by being dynamic and progressive at every possible point.

Understanding the prospects that AR Technology can bring to our client’s future work, coincided with the reach of our Talent, MUSE has further invested in brand new tech to support our ongoing projects to allow us to continue to develop an eclectic portfolio, which challenges the norm and bypasses our opposition’s outlets.

135M – VIEWS

10M – OPENS