Another exciting collaboration for our MUSE creators! We are thrilled to announce our very own Muse Creator, Madeleine Abeid, has teamed up with Halo Top for an incredible collaboration that’s taking the wellness world by storm!

In an incorporated YouTube video, Madeleine shared a glimpse into her daily Pilates routine, offering her loyal fellow health enthusiast followers an insight into how attain an ultimate full body burn in under 20 mins. But that’s not all! She also treats viewers to a sneak peek into her go-to snack choice – indulging in the delicious flavours of Halo Top ice cream.

The response to her content has been phenomenal! In just under 5 days, the video has already amassed over 69K views, sparking conversations and inspiring countless individuals to embrace a balanced lifestyle.

It’s incredible to see the impact of this collaboration, combining fitness, nutrition, and the sheer joy of enjoying guilt-free treats. Congratulations to Madeleine and Halo Top for this outstanding success! 🎉

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the video and join the movement toward holistic wellness and tasty treats.