MUSE is thrilled to announce another exciting collaboration for our MUSE girls! Vanquish Fitness, the new unisex activewear brand reached out to MUSE for a one-of-a-kind collaboration that promises to redefine style, performance, and sustainability in the world of activewear.

At VQFIT, they’ve always taken pride in delivering activewear that not only looks good but also performs exceptionally. With their new activewear range being released for the season, they aimed to take this commitment to a whole new level reaching out to MUSE for our key MUSE creators.

Amongst the selected MUSES which include Lara Gii, Gia D, Ely Mexx, Eldika May and Lottie Hutton our girls all took to their social platforms to showcase their VQfit styled seamlessly through various instagram and tiktok posts.

The MUSE girls vision for this collaboration was to create a fusion of style and performance that captivates and inspires their loyal followers, this content was a huge success driving a massive amount of exposure to VQFIT and their newest womenswear range.