We are ecstatic to share another incredible opportunity for our MUSE girl, Rebecca Ko, to star in Aeropostale’s newest campaign in California is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Aeropostale is recognised for its trendy, affordable fashion options, its commitment to inclusivity, and its popularity among young shoppers seeking stylish and comfortable clothing which are all elements which Rebecca stands by and is motivated by.

This milestone marks a significant moment in Rebecca’s career, opening doors and presenting her with endless possibilities within her brand database and her life as a whole. Being chosen to represent Aeropostale not only solidifies Rebecca’s talent and potential but also provides her with a platform to expand her reach and make a lasting impact in the fashion industry. This collaboration with Aeropostale is set to propel Rebecca’s career to new heights, allowing her to explore exciting avenues and leave a remarkable imprint on the industry. We are incredibly proud of Rebecca’s achievements and cannot wait to witness the remarkable journey that lies ahead for her.

Follow along with Rebecca’s trip and campaign behind the scenes with Aeropostale!