SKIMS is changing the way we see shapewear. The brand, crafted by the iconic Kim Kardashian West incorporates comfort and style, blending her iconic neutral shades with a need for wearable ‘body solutions’. SKIMS hit their 1 year anniversary recently, and MUSE Agency’s very own Savanna Sievers was selected as one of the few talents to be in the photoshoot, shot in summer 2020. Though in lockdown, the the US-based curve model shone in the shoot, starring in a series of photos alongside other stars and Kim herself, wearing SKIMS iconic shapewear celebrating and commemorating their 1 year of trading. Using a mix of backdrops including SKIMS previous photoshoots, a range of their products and other neutral colour palettes, the quality and comfort illuminated the anniversary shoot. Showcasing a wide range of backgrounds, sizes and ethnicities, SKIMS proved that comfortable and modern shapewear is for everyone.