To celebrate the launch of the new immersive augmented reality global campaign for Fall 2022 featuring celebrities such as Bella Poarch, Latto and Chloe Cherry stepping into bold psychedelic universe – MADDENWOOD inspired by the Madden shoes they “audition” to become. Maddenwood imagines a world where the brands latest styles allow consumers to become whatever they want to be, with no need for views or likes just a pair of MADDENS that speak to the influencers own individual style. At the heart of the campaign was three iconic retro Andy Warhol videos that blend a combination of retro references from his original iconic “screen tests” of the 60’s that feature the lo-fi aesthetics the 80’s and 90’s, our MUSE girls where briefed to create a story series unboxing the pieces and showcasing the new collection to their loyal followers. Following this the selected MUSE girls shot content images in the classic Steve Madden style, featuring the classic Warhol retro style that is to be embodied through the entire collection.

The concept was to add a “little spice of spring” showcasing a light spring girly look and chic city girl ‘on the go’ vibe. Amira, Yuilia and Lizzi where chosen from our diverse roster of muses to work alongside Madden in the creation of this unique styled content.