As a long term key partner of MUSE and fellow Manchester based enterprise, it was no shock when Missy Empire looked to us when hunting for the new face of their collection. As a company that sees themselves as more of a ‘culture’ or an ‘attitude’ designed for fashion forward females…we had just the girl for them; Tennessee Thresher. Having worked together in the past and creating amazing results we knew this pairing was a force to be reckoned with. Tennessee had a vision for the collaboration and was given the freedom to pick out her favourite feature pieces;


“I have designed every piece with curves and sexy vibes in mind” – Tennessee Thresher


This collection is everything you would expect and more, it’s sexy, flirty and takes control by incorporating bold patterns, playful pinks and naked neutrals. As expected, this launch caused a real stir across socials and produced an astoundingly high engagement.