Coachella: The most highly sought after weekend in every creators social calendar has just come to a close and its safe to say that the MUSE creators and brand partners have gone above and beyond to provide their loyal followers a full debrief of the weekend shenanigans. 

Every social manager knows that Coachella is an unbeatable marketing opportunity for businesses and talent alike, and when our MUSE creators partnered up with House Of Smiley for a weekend 2 takeover our marketing department went into frenzy keeping up with the remarkable weekend aspects!

From the luxury House Of Smiley villa, to the official smiley styling suites, deluxe dinners and rides into the desert to experience the full Coachella in all its glory. 

This trip was the ultimate marketing haven highlighting once again how essential creators are when brands are seeking notable impact across social platforms!

All in all I very successful weekend for both our creators and brand collectives alike.