We are thrilled to share another remarkable collaboration for our Canadian MUSE talent, as the immensely talented Yuliya Calister joins forces with the world-renowned beverage brand, 1664 Canada. This partnership marks a significant milestone in Yuliya’s career, as she combines her captivating content with 1664 Canada’s distinguished beer craftsmanship, all in association with the Canadian Spring/Summer Fashion Week.


The latest launch resulted in an extraordinary and inspiring experience that resonated with art and beer enthusiasts alike. By merging Yuliya’s artistic visionary content with the distinct flavors and essence of 1664 Canada, this collaboration achieved a harmonious fusion of creativity and indulgence, perfectly aligned with the ethos of 1664 Blanc.


Throughout the Fashion Week event, Yuliya’s journey will be documented, allowing her followers and fans to get an exclusive glimpse into her experience. From behind-the-scenes moments to showcasing her impeccable style and creativity, her journey will be enriched by the unparalleled taste of 1664 Canada beer. The combination of Yuliya’s captivating presence, the prestigious Fashion Week platform, and the exquisite flavors of 1664 Canada beer promises to create a truly unforgettable experience.


Join us in following along with Yuliya’s Fashion Week adventure, as her extraordinary talent intertwines with the essence of 1664 Canada. Stay tuned to witness the captivating synergy between art, fashion, and the indulgent pleasure of 1664 Canada beer.