Zea Gyamapoh for Fashion Nova

Founded back in 2006, the popular fashion retailer, Fashion Nova, has always been renowned for heavily relying on social media marketing to promote their brand and products. Primarily across instagram, the brand utilises models, a-list celebrities and even influencers of varied followings to generate publicity through their content. Wanting to go to the-best-of-the-best, Fashion Nova has built a very strong relationship with MUSE The Agency over the years, often making the most of our extensive roster of talent for their digital marketing needs.


This time around, the brand were looking for a model to be one of the faces for their latest swim and clothing campaign shoot. After careful consideration, our beautiful MUSE, Zea Gyamapoh, was hand selected for the shoot located at a luxury villa near the Fashion Nova offices.


Our girl absolutely killed it and we couldn’t be prouder!