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With brands in the US predicted to spend up to $15bn by 2022 on influencer marketing, it is more apparent than ever that social media is one of the most effective and fast-growing channels for reaching consumers within the fashion

MUSE has and always will have inclusivity at the top of our agenda as an agency. To this end, we decided to launch MUSE CURVE to break ground in the sector and push away from socially constructed beauty ideals. MUSE

CRAFTD LDN is a premium jewellery brand primarily aimed at a male audience. Their vision is to provide high-quality jewellery without the unnecessary mark-ups which are common in the jewellery industry. The brand is looking to break into the female

'Missy Empire, the Manchester-based fashion brand inspiring confidence and individuality in women, has shared an ongoing key partnership with MUSE. The established e-commerce name regularly uses MUSES for both modelling and social media campaigns