Adidas – investing in women in sport

Adidas is seriously increasing its investment in women’s activewear and athletic footwear. This was the notion the brand highlighted when launching its new ‘Impossible is Nothing’ campaign on the 31st of January.

The brand also stated it will commit to invest “more than ever before” in both women and LGBTQ+ people in sport. This development will be reflected in not only new products, buts also in a new marketing language which aims to be more inclusive.

Adidas also highlighted there to be a notable drop-off in sports participation among women and LGBTQ+ individuals during their teenage years as a combination of the onset of menstruation and social pressures. The sporting brand plan to address this drop-off with products, marketing and community activations.

An example being their ‘Stay in Play’ collection launched in June 2021, this line of ‘period-proof’ activewear was developed to help prevent this drop-off from sport when people start menstruating. The range gathered a “phenomenal” response in the market.

Adidas carried out research that showed a shocking 90% of women have an ill-fitting sports bra. In response to this the brand has developed a full range of sports bras in 72 sizes, designed with 43 models set to be released in the near future.