AW21 Trends – ‘Bijou Bags’

The micro bag, a trend that seemed to originally be a fleeting one is continuing to be featured across multiple runways. These tiny accessories are still loved among the fashion community and although they carry next to nothing, their miniature size means they can complement any autumn/winter outfit. 

This trend has been recycled from the nostalgic 90s (as is the theme for many popular trends over the past two years), a time where small purses were viewed as a status symbol. Carrying a mini bag does enable mobility and even invokes a sense of liberation; with less to carry there is less to worry about. This accessory makes it seem that their wearers have really managed to edit their everyday essentials down to just a select few items.

Even though functionality clearly doesn’t define this trend, designers are certainly having fun when creating these sought after bags and often incorporate a range of popular past aesthetics. These mini bags are produced in a range of different geometric shapes and made in varying coloured hues from a range of materials with mixes of textures.