aW21 Trends – ‘Cut it outs’

A popular summer trend that seemed social media driven isn’t shifting anywhere for the colder months. The want for sassy clothing is back and it would seem that slicing away at clothing, either subtly or taking it to the extreme, is the perfect way to keep outfits flirty in these quickly dropping temperatures.

We’re seeing much loved, classic items and styles undergo some refreshing silhouette tweaking. So far, dresses have been the main focus of this popular trend, however, we are starting to see a huge increase in trousers and skirts designed with hip cut-out detailing this autumn/winter season. This trend is even helping add a subtle touch of sex appeal to more typically casual items such as knitted tops and sweaters.

Do the environment and even your own bank account a favour by re-purposing all those cut out items you bought over the past warmer seasons.