AW21 Trends – ‘Solo Saturation’

If ever there was a time to go bold with your wardrobe it’s this autumn/winter season. Unlike recent seasons, where clashing shades and patterns have reigned supreme, the latest (and quite frankly) refreshing trend that we can’t get enough of is encouraging you to keep your looks monosyllabic. 

If a chic burgundy blazer has caught your eye, get the matching tailored trousers too…but why stop there? Match your shoes and maybe even your bag to that two piece suit for the ultimate colour coverage.

The real beauty of this trend is the freedom you have to play around with it, each individual’s personal taste will inevitably drive the colour decision on that day. Being that you probably already have quite a few items of your favourite colour already waiting in your wardrobe, this trend may be easier to achieve than expected. 

Added bonus; less shopping makes for a happy bank account and a happier planet.

Solo-saturation really is as simple as picking your favourite shade and wearing it from head to toe.