Ayesha Iqbal Perry x Refuge

After previously being in two abusive relationships our MUSE, Ayesha, has decided to use her unfortunate past experiences and social platform to empower, educate and protect other women experiencing similar ordeals. Recently, this journey has led Ayesha to an important partnership with Refuge, the UK’s largest domestic abuse charity who provide specialist services and campaigning to end domestic abuse. Refuge impressively support more than 7,000 women and children on any given day of the year, with the needs of their services showing a significant increase during the pandemic. 

Ayesha has worked alongside Refuge for their upsetting new campaign which is raising awareness of tech abuse, a fast-growing form of domestic abuse which has reportedly left 11 million women feeling unsafe online, especially via social media. 

The non-profit organisation are also campaigning to amend the Online Safety Bill to make sure online abuse is taken seriously. Ayesha posted to her instagram story, demonstrating examples of how the progression of technology has made abuse smarter and easier. Although tech is a massive enabler in our lives, for women experiencing domestic abuse it is an ever-growing tool used to create fear, harass, intimidate and control them.

Ayesha is helping to spread the word to help advocate and support putting an end to this, with her current stories and video she shared last week.