Cailey ork x Urban Outfitters

The popular lifestyle retailer, Urban Outfitters, is known across the world for inspiring their customers through a combination of product, creativity and cultural understanding. 

On the run up to warmer months, the company have designed a fresh range of BDG shorts in a multitude of different styles. When wanting to digitally promote these new items, the brand reached out to MUSE The Agency in hopes of working with one of our well established content creators. 

Urban Outfitters hand selected our TikTok star, Cailey Ork, to take part in their new digital marketing campaign. Our MUSE was briefed with creating an up-beat, TikTok video demonstrating how she would style her favourite pair of the newly released shorts.

Cailey delivered a strong piece of video content that effectively promoted the item’s diversity to her loyal 238k following. The content proved to be a huge success, generating a huge amount of engagement and encouraging viewers to head over to the Urban Outfitters site to purchase, earning the brand a high return on investment.