Jasmine cepeda x pacSun x Playboy

PacSun, or how it is less well known, Pacific Sunwear of California, operates 325 stores across the US and Puerto Rico. This brand’s most popular demographic is that of young adults and teens, whom they sell a wide range of products, from lifestyle apparel to footwear, accessories to swimwear.

Recently, PacSun collaborated with PlayBoy to create the ultimate clothing collection for their targeted demographic. To effectively advertise these items the brand reached out to MUSE The Agency for our unparalleled digital marketing talents. Our MUSE, Jasmine Cepeda, was hand selected for the brief; to create content which is eye-catching and perfectly captures the vibrancy of the products.

Jasmine posted the advertising images as a carousel to her instagram following of 135K, where it proved to be a huge success. The content generated almost 3.5K likes, directing significant traffic to PacSun’s website and earning our client a high return on their investment with us.