Julia berit in ‘For The Girls’

“I love being a woman…For The Girls’ is an anthem celebrating that love, highlighting our strength, beauty, and vulnerability”. – Hayley Kiyoko

Our beautiful MUSE, Julia Berit, was scouted to appear in the music video for singer-songwriter, Hayley Kiyoko’s, latest single ‘For The Girls’. Kiyoko also starred in and directed the lighthearted video which was based heavily around the dating show Bachelorette, but with an inclusive and queer edge.

As well as celebrating the love for and between queer people and those of all gender identities, this piece also focuses on the importance of size inclusivity in society. Julia noted how there is a severe lack of size diversity on popular dating shows ,such as Love Island and the Bachelor, and the necessity of it to change the way society views desirability. 

Since its release, ‘For the Girls’ has already received a huge amount of press coverage and it’s music video has earned serious praise. 

You can even catch the video on a billboard in Times Square, NYC!