Our Canadian MUSE Lizzi JPG was hand selected from our diverse roster of talent to be a part of the #withAMEX campaign, the campaign was cultivated to showcase the AMEX cardmember benefits as one that helps elevate experiences to the next level.

To promote awareness of AMEX and the launch of the #withAMEX, American Express invited Lizzi to the Florence and the Machine show at the Budweiser stage in Toronto to showcase the exclusive benefits of being a cardmember and ultimately creating #FOMO for those who aren’t cardmembers.

Lizzi created a cinematic reel to showcase the event in all its glory highlighting the ease and importance the AMEX card has on the experience as a whole. As a secondary deliverable Lizzi was invited to experience an exclusive date night dinner at Pai Tortento. Known for its fabulous elevated setting, exclusive pre fixed-menu and overall luxury dining experience Lizzi was set to create a second reel, this deliverable to exhibit the exclusivity the AMEX card has on the hospitality scene, presenting the overall ease and delicious catering experience that can be had with AMEX.

Both pieces of this content where extremely successful creating an aspirational element around signing up for the American Express and engaging with Lizzis loyal followers, driving unique traffic to the AMEX site and card application service!

Check out Lizzis content below!