WEEKDAY X MUSE: Curated 2nd Hand Event.

With the sustainability movement becoming more prominent throughout the retail market Weekday joined the curve announcing their ‘Curated 2nd Hand’ in store concept opening in cities across the UK throughout A/W 2022.  

Weekday reached out to MUSE inviting a selection of talent to their Shoreditch store, with the goal to create awareness of their pre-loved section and to emphasis the importance of buying into 2nd hand clothing over the everyday fast fashion pieces.

The brand hand selected 6 of our UK based content creators including @mayram.wardaa @omgtiffanie @anxoutfits @saminaaaliyah @soniaa.jay and @chouxziza to attend the event, donate any pre loved pieces to their curated collection and showcase the sustainability aspect behind the new Weekday concept store!

Take a look at the girls content and event experience below!