@nrsnai – adidas x ABOUT YOU CAMPAIGN

Adidas, the multinational corporation founded in Germany created an ABOUT YOU campaign that focuses on strength and personality. As an addition to first Adidas “Always Original” campaign at the beginning of 2022 which was all surrounding allyship, the new Adidas ‘Always Original Part 2’ campaign focuses on places that encourage us to be ourselves, to represent a minority and to give communities a new home, its all about allyshops – shops and stores that make an effort for communities and having the ability to create a safe space for them.

Nursena was featured in the main campaign, showcased across over 30 stores, the site and socials styling the new collection and was also briefed to create a vlog style reel showcasing the allyshops and the importance of supporting our local ammendaties and how these have inspired her in her own life to connect and reflect.

Styled head to toe Adidas our MUSE attended the ABOUT YOU X ADIDAS launch alongside some more familiar Adidas ambassadors to celebrate the success of the new ABOUT YOU campaign going live across all networks.

Check out the content and campaign images Nursena created below!