Lisa Onuoha x BetterHelp

Founded back in 2013, BetterHelp is the online portal that provides users with easy access to effective and professional mental health services. They offer online counselling and therapy services from licensed, trained, experienced and accredited psychologists via web-based interactions, including phone and text communication.

For Mental Health Awareness Week, our social superstar, Lisa Onuoha, teamed up with this incredible company and centered her weekly vlog around the topic of mental health which they proudly sponsored. In this video, Lisa bravely opened up and admitted to having not been taking good care of herself recently, before sharing with her loyal following her plans to take better care of herself by focusing on more on her mental and physical health. Lisa pinpointed the importance of exercising, eating healthily, being kind to ourselves and stopping to appreciate everything we have in life. Our MUSE even goes to to share how she personally prepares for her therapy sessions, and offers viewers tips.

Here at MUSE The Agency we support raising awareness for all areas of Mental Health and couldn’t be prouder of Lisa for sharing her truth on this important topic.