EGO is the Manchester based, online, trend-led brand who since its founding in 2015, specialised in supplying the ‘shoe-aholics’ around the globe with all their footwear needs. When the COVID pandemic hit the world in 2019, businesses shut and lockdowns were imposed in counties all over the world, naturally, there was less demand for footwear. However, the brand quickly adjusted to this sudden landscape change and began to produce loungewear and clothing as well. 

Wanting to advertise their most recent clothing and footwear styles across instagram, the brand turned to MUSE The Agency for our unrivalled digital marketing talents. The brand hand selected a group of Muses from our talent roster, who were all tasked with creating sexy and powerful content for their feeds. Our fashion bloggers strategically posted their content to their personal instagram accounts, promoting the items to their followers, encouraging them to purchase. 

The combined engagement from all of these posts was enormous, directing significant traffic to EGO’s website, earning them a high return on their investment.