MUSE x Luxe To kill

Luxe To Kill are the Manchester based, slow fashion brand who specialise in bringing their customers fresh trends whilst always ensuring their workings and materials are ethically sourced, cruelty free and sustainable.

As a long time partner of MUSE The Agency, Luxe To Kill naturally came to us when wanting to source talent for their first influencer collaboration of 2022. Hand selecting our beautiful Alicia Bonora and together creating an effortless, ‘cool-girl’ collection we strategically organised and implemented an influencer roll-out to support and promote the collaboration. 

Our chosen fashion bloggers strategically posted their original content to their personal instagram accounts, promoting the collection’s items to their followers, encouraging them to purchase. 

The combined engagement from all of our MUSE’S posts was astonishing, allowing the collection to maintain momentum after its launch, whilst also directing significant traffic to Luxe To Kill’s website, earning them a high return on their investment.