We’re thrilled to announce that our Bulgarian-based MUSE @BorislavaSekova has collaborated with world-renowned luxury brand, FARFETCH. When FARFETCH approached MUSE with the opportunity to of this partnership, Borislava was eager to use her elevated sense of style, and expertise in content creation to work alongside Farfetch in promoting their new S/S shoe collection across her social platforms.

FARFETCH recognized the high-end fashion expertise and influence that Borislava possesses and was keen to establish this ongoing relationship with her. This collaboration offered FARFETCH the opportunity to engage with Borislava’s community of fashion followers in Bulgaria, while simultaneously allowing Borislava to provide her followers with access to the latest high-end fashion products offered by FARFETCH. We look forward to seeing this collaboration bring in new exciting consumers for FARFETCH and elevate Borislava’s following and engagement with luxury brands further!