Luxury brand Coach reached out to MUSE with the hopes to connect with our vast roster in hopes to connect with a ‘top tier customer’ that has the ability to add cultural credibility to the brand – this is where Living Coach came in.

Coach was seeking creators who where able to grasp the ability to showcase that the Coach bags are cultivated in such a way to be used, growing more beautiful over time. They wanted to give this element showing real people sitting on, throwing and ultimately showcasing the durability and timeless beauty throughout these semi-surreal scenarios.

Coach selected some of our highest racking influencers that they believed would be able to capture a more personal approach, expressing their daily lives in a some what exaggerated manner – to feel some what surreal whether this be stuffing the bag with groceries, sitting it on the curb, shielding themselves from the rain … ultimately grasping this concept of “unapologetically living in it”.

The collaboration with our MUSES was a strategic move for Coach, as it allowed them to tap into the creative talents of these individuals, giving them the opportunity to express themselves through these exaggerated almost chaotic daily scenarios that would appeal to a wide range of consumers in their high-end niche market.

The muses chosen for the collaboration included Coco Chinelo and Zoya, two of our most sought after talent who each carry their own unique style and creative vision. By featuring such a diverse range of talent, Coach was able to tap into a different level on creative content that appealled to a wide range of consumers who are looking for luxury handbags that are both fashionable and functional.

The new collection of Coach handbags features a variety of designs, from classic styles to more avant-garde pieces that showcase the muses’ individual personalities and styles. The use of premium materials, unique hardware, and attention to detail is evident in every piece, further emphasizing Coach’s commitment to excellence and quality.

These campaigns where both a huge success, allowing coach to to expand their reach and appeal to a wider range of consumers in their high-end niche market. The muses’ individual talents and styles brought a fresh perspective to the collection, making it stand out in a crowded luxury handbag market. With this collaboration, Coach has shown that they are committed to staying on the cutting edge of fashion and design, while still maintaining the quality and craftsmanship that their consumers have come to expect.