Cailey York x eBay

Wanting to humanise the eBay shopping experience through their TikTok channel, the multinational e-commerce company developed a new content program powered by eBay users and TikTok creators. This recent agenda proposes to give buyers, sellers, authenticators, and collectors the opportunity to show off the individuality of their communities in their own chosen way.


Our sneaker enthusiast, Cailey York, was hand selected from our extensive talent roster of content creators to be one of the faces of eBay’s TikTok page. Our MUSE was then tasked with creating 3 content videos using her own unique voice, content creation style and perspective on sneakers whilst of course keeping it relevant to buying/selling on eBay.


Cailey’s original content is to be posted across eBay’s TikTok account to their 245k wide following, promoting the world’s largest marketplace to other sneaker enthusiasts.