Festa CoCaj x That’s So Fecth

That’s So Fetch is the popular, boutique fashion company who provides their customers with high quality, on trend products. In the past, we have executed a number of highly successful collaborations for the Australian brand and content creators from our extensive roster of talent. It was no surprise that the brand returned to MUSE The Agency when wanting to sign a long-term deal.


After having worked well with Festa Cocaj before, the brand were keen to offer her an impressive 6 month long, digital marketing contract. That’s So Fetch provided our MUSE with a range of beautiful items of clothing from their most recent drops. The deal specifically required Festa to style these pieces and create eye-catching content, posting to her instagram feed 5 times a month. As always, Festa delivered.


Here is a collection of a few of our favourite pieces of content Festa has created to advertise That’s So Fetch to her loyal following of 346K.