MUSE x Cendré

The Australian brand, Cendré, is inspired by and pays homage to the timeless nature of Parisienne simplicity and elegance. All their pieces are handcrafted from carefully selected materials to create beautifully minimal pieces that are elevated by delicate details.


Wanting to ensure their jewellery items are all successfully advertised, Cendré approached MUSE The Agency in hopes of finding the perfect content creators for their digital marketing needs. After careful consideration, the brand hand selected our classy and tasteful MUSEs Celina, Alicia and Kirsty for their brief. Our girls were tasked with dressing themselves in an abundance of gifted Cendré items and creating refined content for their instagram feeds.


Celina’s deliverables required a carousel of eye-catching feed images, Alicia’s an effortlessly transitional reel video, whilst Kirsty provided the brand with promotional video and image content. The combined engagement from all this content was huge, producing almost 11.5K likes in total, ultimately earning our client a high return on their investment.