Fiorella Delgado x Call It Spring

The popular Canadian, vegan footwear and accessories company, Call It Spring, was founded back 1991 in Saint Laurent. The subsidiary company quickly began to spread across stores in America and by 2011 appeared in over 600 JCPenney’s across the states. These days, the sustainable brand has an impressive online presence and is even available on ASOS.


Wanting to promote their company across digital platforms, the brand decided to throw a two day, content creation event, ‘Baddies on Break’, in LA. Needing to fill the guest-list with high profile talent, Call It Spring turned to MUSE The Agency to explore the extensive roster we have to offer. The company hand selected our styling queen and sneaker enthusiast, Fiorella Delgado, to attend the exclusive event and follow her given brief.


Fiorella attended both days of ‘Baddies on Break’ wearing exclusively Call It Spring footwear and accessories to brunches, dinners and even for a street-wear photoshoot organised by the brand. These couple of days provided our MUSE and all other VIP guests with a number of amazing opportunities including free shopping experiences and tonnes of chances to create eye-catching content for their stories, promoting the brand and all their available products.