Jasmin Cepeda & Sierra Cannon x Pacsun

Pacific Sunwear of California, AKA Pacsun, is an American clothing brand that, since its founding back in 1980, now operates 325 stores across the US and in Puerto Rico. The popular company targets the young adult demographic sells a wide range of lifestyle apparel, swimwear, footwear and accessories.


Wanting to successfully launch their new TikTok campaign, Pacsun reached out to MUSE The Agency in hopes of securing content creators from our extensive talent roster. After careful consideration, both Jasmin Cepeda and Sierra Cannon were hand selected for this digital marketing opportunity. Our MUSEs were both briefed with creating an unboxing TikTok from Pacsun’s latest collection and how they would style their favourite items.


Both pieces of content proved to be a huge success, generating a massive amount of engagement and effectively advertising the items. Once combined, the videos achieved a total of over 2K likes.