MUSE x Macy’s

Founded all the way back in 1858, America’s popular chain of department stores, Macy’s, knows a thing or two about staying relevant. Wanting to promote their company across digital platforms, the company reached out to MUSE The Agency for our extensive roster of content creators. After careful consideration our stylish talent Cailey, Erin and Armin were hand selected for this impressive marketing opportunity.


Our MUSES were briefed with creating two separate TikTok videos, the first being a ‘duet’ with another collaborating influencer and the second being an independent piece. The second TikTok was also to be shared to our girls’ instagram reels to increase engagement across the two social platforms. The duet TikTok aims to convey positive sentiment, our girls were tasked with highlighting how amazing the other influencer looks by amplifying it. Whilst the premise of the second TikTok was for Cailey, Erin and Armin to confidently show off their own style whilst simultaneously advertising the springtime items available at Macy’s.


Our three MUSES pulled out all the stops when creating their original content and the end result was fun, natural and truly authentic pieces that effectively advertised items available at Macy’s . The videos also proved to be a huge success, combined, they generated over 50k likes across Cailey, Erin and Armin’s social channels.