Liz Kapran x Circus NY

Circus NY is the newest footwear brand owned by the American footwear company Caleres Inc, who, since their founding in 1878, own and operate a variety of brands who specialise in shoes. Wanting to promote themselves across TikTok and instagram using well-established and popular content creators, Circus NY turned to MUSE The Agency for our unparalleled talents in digital marketing.


After hand selecting our style guru, Liz Kapran, the brand briefed our MUSE on her content deliverables. Lizzi was to produce an up-beat and eye-catching piece of original content where she incorporated products from Circus NY and effectively advertised them to her combined following of nearly 900k.


Our MUSE successfully produced engaging content where she created 6 separate looks, each demonstrating a different vibe and fashion sense. The video content proved to be a huge success, marketing the brand and the versatility of their available items and generating an enormous amount of engagement.