MUSE is thrilled to announce that our very own Jasmine Cepeda has teamed up with world renown lingerie and shape wear brand Skims to collaborate on their latest groundbreaking project, the revolutionary “Nipple” bra.

This innovative undergarment has taken the world by storm firmly paving the way for both marketing and lingerie experts. Hence the excitement when SKIMS reached out to MUSE eager to promote this newest statement piece with our sensational fashion, beauty and lifestyle creator Jasmine!

This collaboration lived up to all expectations, with Jasmine successfully empowering her fellow loyal female followers and reassuring them that every women deserves to feel confident and fabulous, stigma aside.

We are so proud of our MUSE and can’t wait to see the impact this fantastic collaboration will not only have on her platform but the future of lingerie.

Check out Jasmines unveiling of the ultimate SKIMS “Nipple” bra above!