With winter fast approaching fashion forward brands are being more eager to work with our creators to promote their latest seasonal favourites. With elevation in mind Aritzia reached out to MUSE eager to sieve through our diverse roasters and curate a lineup for another exceptional partnership!

After delving through our roaster they opted for our ever-stylish Rayan, the trendsetting Tiffanie, and our fashion-forward Genie. This luxury collaboration successfully marks a significant step in redefining winter fashion as we know it. Aritzia has teamed up with our key influential personalities to feature their latest “Super Puffer” collection on the influencers’ personal social platforms.

This partnership is a celebration of individual style and Aritzia’s renowned outerwear expertise coming together to create something truly special. Each of our talented influencers brought their unique flair and perspective to showcase the versatility and timeless appeal of Aritzia’s iconic puffer jackets.

Join us in witnessing the perfect fusion of our MUSES distinctive tastes with Aritzia’s commitment to quality, comfort, and style.