Liz Kapran x Crocs

Come as you are…


Crocs, the company that has always believed in the equal importance of everyone’s uniqueness, style and comfort has made an astounding come back in the fashion industry. This popular footwear brand believe that seeing and accepting the things that make us one of a kind, brings us closer together.


When wanting to effectively digitally market this resurgence, who better to turn to than MUSE. The Agency, the leaders in influencer marketing. After hand selecting our beautiful fashion blogger Liz Kapran, she was briefed with creating two TikTok video’s for her personal account that would best showcase how she is ‘comfortable in her own shoes’.


The content Lizzi created was perfect, demonstrating her own personal brand whilst also encapsulating the brief given by crocs…vibrant, fun, yet effortlessly simplistic. These TikTok videos were a huge success and generated a high amount of engagement, the second video achieved over 10.2k likes within the first 20 hours of being posted.