Italian Underwear and apparel brand Tezenis reached out to MUSE for our European style icon Marta Melo with the opportunity to collaborate  on their latest collection which aimed at empowering women to be self-confident and embrace current trends alongside their own unique, cool style. This collection perfectly embodies Marta’s personal style, and the partnership is set to inspire women across the globe to feel confident and stylish in their own skin.

With Tezenis approaching a new manifesto in terms of branding moving away from their usual brand of girl next door to a more elevated street style with cool profiles and great personality which is why they believed Marta profile was the perfect representation of the new ‘Traffic stopper’ ‘fashion icon’ and sought after public figure that perfectly represents the new Tezenis wave.

Marta executed the images perfectly presenting the new levelled up manifesto profoundly highlighting the ‘cool girl’ style from the original agenda!