In a fusion of fashion, music, and style, H&M has partnered with MuchMusic to bring back the iconic Electric Circus for a night of electrifying energy in Toronto. The occasion? The celebration of the Mugler x H&M collaboration, a collaboration that merges the avant-garde aesthetic of Mugler with the accessibility of H&M. To commemorate this new release H&M reached out to MUSE inviting our upmost elevated talent to add their own touch of glamour and excitement to the most exhilarating launch of the year so far. 

The Mugler x H&M collaboration has been the talk of the fashion world for months. Thierry Mugler, known for his bold and visionary designs, joined forces with H&M, a brand renowned for its affordable fashion-forward clothing. The collaboration aimed to bring high fashion to the masses without compromising on the avant-garde nature that Mugler is famous for. The result? A collection that seamlessly blended Mugler’s signature edginess with H&M’s commitment to accessibility.

Adding an extra layer of glamour to the star studded event Lizzi Kapran and Chloe Christian where whisked to the HM showroom and where fit head to toe in the new collection from draping dresses, iconic sheer MUGLER tights and leather layering, our MUSE girls where out in full force showing the best of what the new MUGLERXHM has to offer. Their presence at the event exemplified the unique fusion of individuality and style which was the perfect representation of what the new muglar campaign had to offer.

Known for their distinctive fashion sense and ability to set trends, our MUSE girls took the event by storm. With their captivating looks and magnetic personalities, the MUSES served as living embodiments of the Mugler x H&M collection. From avant-garde couture to daring street style, they showcased their interpretation of the collaboration’s aesthetic, inspiring attendees to embrace their own individuality and creativity.

The Mugler x H&M event was a night to remember. The pulsating beats, electrifying performances, and stunning visuals combined to create an immersive experience that left attendees in awe. The muse influencers added an extra layer of excitement, as they mingled with guests, shared their fashion insights, and created memorable moments throughout the evening. A true night to remember.