We are thrilled to announce that Nike, the world-renowned sports and leisure brand, has approached Muse to collaborate with Nursena on a once-in-a-lifetime female oriented fitness trip to Paris.

Committed to foster a culture of diversity, equality and inclusion Nike have strived to redefine what sports are and who an athlete can be, supporting female athletes has always been at the forefront of Nikes efforts on and off the court. This concept was embodied through the weekend filled with wellness activities included Yoga sessions in the L’atelier Richelieu, followed by a brunch retreat, topped off with a content creation and styling session with all the new active womenswear lines.

Nursena showcased her favourite pieces from NIKE’s new female-focused fitness collection, styling up the tailored active and supportive attire and sharing with her loyal followers how each element is accustomed to fit the female body through specialised ‘female focused’ innovations.

Nursena went on to validate the essential differences embodied in the new redefined sportswear, reassuring how significant this step towards female empowerment and inclusivity is for the mainstream fitness wear industry.